Ward Leonard is a diversified industrial technology company

that provides comprehensive electric motor, generator, control and service solutions to Military, Heavy Industry and Oil & Gas customers worldwide. We are recognized for our relentless focus on customer satisfaction, unmatched 24/7 maintenance and repair services, and our unique ability to overcome complex application challenges in the industry’s most demanding environments.

Markets & Solutions

Visit the range of intelligent solutions we provide the world’s infrastructure markets

Custom Engineered Solutions

Have an idea or complex challenge that requires creative thinking and innovative engineering?

At Ward Leonard, the more demanding, the better. From reimagined shipboard controllers and integrated motors / drive packages to fully redundant control systems for nuclear power plants, we have the expert capabilities to turn your vision into reality.

We are an agile company that can accommodate unique and small volume projects, and have an entire team of engineers that will work side-by-side with you to meet your exact requirements.

Challenge us. We’re here to help.

Pushing The Boundaries of Technology

High Power Density Motors

High Power
Density Motors

Pound for pound, the most powerful AC induction drilling motors. Up to 50% more torque & 30% lighter than similar motors.

Live Testing

Dyno Testing Facilities

Advanced technologies provide full load testing of generators up to 20mW & AC motors up to 2500HP, with real-time web-based viewing

Control Systems

Nuclear Power
Plant Controls

Fully redundant control systems & cabinets that enable parallel motor-generator operation & reliable nuclear power rod control.

We are hiring

We’re Growing… and we’re Hiring

We’re on a journey, and this past year has seen us grow in numbers and into key markets where we are applying our technological expertise and core competencies to help our customers improve performance and operational efficiencies.

If you’re interested in making an impact and being a key part of our growth, we’d like to hear from you.