1350HP – WL20BC135

The Ward Leonard WL20BC135

vertically mounted inverter-rated AC induction motor delivers up to 17% more torque and horsepower than similar motors, and can achieve up to 1350HP in an 1150HP frame. It is manufactured for high reliability and optimal use in onshore and offshore top drive applications.

The durable WL20BC135 is designed to withstand high shock and vibration conditions, as well as provide decades of continuous service. With Certified Class H insulation and a maximum temperature rise of 105°C, it is suited for any climate or hostile operating environment.

Key Features

  • 6-pole stator with form wound windings
  • Certified Class H insulation
  • Extra tough pitch copper rotor bars
  • 2-cycle global VPI
  • Double shaft extension (tapered, splined or keyed)
  • Designed for Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) operation
  • Tested for 4 hours under water at 500V
  • 4340 alloy shafts
  • IP 44 motor enclosure
  • Shaft seals & oil slingers on the drive & non-drive sides
  • Six (6) 100Ω platinum RTDs; 2/phase embedded in stator
  • ISO 9001:2015-certified

Technical Data

Motor Diagram

Motor Diagram

Speed Torque Curves

Speed Torque Curves

Custom Engineering

Need to optimize this motor to fit specific application requirements? No problem. Our only goal is to deliver a motor that will be the most efficient and effective solution for your needs. Just Contact Us today to speak with an engineer about your specs… or your “wish list.”

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