Cummins Alternator Spare Parts – New!

When it comes to genuine Cummins alternator spare parts for STAMFORD® and AvK® alternators, Ward Leonard is the Authorized Cummins stocking distributor for all of North America (United States, Canada and Mexico.)

We maintain extensive inventory on-hand, for fast, easy and expedited delivery to your location — from voltage regulators and varistor assemblies, to rectifier service kits and rotor earthing brushes — and hundreds of other highly engineered parts.

To order, please call us directly at 1-800-673-0531.

Genuine Cummins Brand Alternator Spare Parts

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Part DescriptionPart NumberPer Part Cost * Add to Cart Coming Soon!
VOLTAGE REGULATORE000-23412/1P$547.50Buy Now!
AVR AS440E000-24403/1P$547.50Buy Now!
SX460-2 AVR COMPLETEE000-24602/1P$318.50Buy Now!
AV MOUNT (AS/SX/MX AVR)450-15971$0.50Buy Now!
MX321-2 COMPLETEE000-23212/1P$911.00Buy Now!
HC4/5 RECT SERVICE KIT (TEXT)RSK-5001$265.50Buy Now!
MARKON DIODE HUB ASSY.240-10335$36.40Buy Now!
GREASE (400GRM TUBE)45-0281$137.00Buy Now!
GIEICHRICHTERMODULNI910058582$156.00Buy Now!
VARISTOR (MATCHED PAIR)NI910035009-MP$223.50Buy Now!
AS480UL KITE000-14808/1P$391.50Buy Now!
MX341UL AVRE000-23408$601.00Buy Now!
MX342-2 AVRE000-23422$595.00Buy Now!
COSIMAT N+ VOLTAGE REGULATORNI500048901$1,761.50Buy Now!
VARISTOR ASSY450-11760/1$56.00Buy Now!
VARISTOR ASSY073-08059$53.00Buy Now!
1K OHM POT071-01649$18.00Buy Now!
ROT MET.OXIDE VARIS.Z250J/S3073-08063$42.00Buy Now!
BEARING RTD TYPE 5070-58083$244.50Buy Now!
FUSE-6.3A V/FAST ACTI FF052-01032$6.50Buy Now!
ROTOR EARTHING BRUSHT8.04.097.00$25.00Buy Now!
PF CONTROLLER PFC3E000-22090$1,311.50Buy Now!
HC5 QUAD DROOP (3PH)45-0588$236.50Buy Now!
HC4 DROOP KIT45-0583$236.50Buy Now!
HC4/5 RECTIFIER ASSY450-16016$349.50Buy Now!
PMG ASSY45-0341A$1,000.50Buy Now!
HC6/CG6 RECTIFIER ASSY450-16025$421.50Buy Now!
HC5/6/7 QUAD DROOP KIT45-0691$262.75Buy Now!
EBC-1 CONTROL-MODULE (UL)E000-14831$117.25Buy Now!
HC7 BRG DE45-0335$540.00Buy Now!
HC7 2B BRG NDE45-0336$468.50Buy Now!
KIT, HTR UPGDE, F2, 3, 110VA040G630$171.00Buy Now!
3-PH RECTIFIER ASSYE000-22016$40.75Buy Now!
O'RING051-21784$1.25Buy Now!
NDE BRG CARTRIDGE PE734760-10821$488.50Buy Now!
NDE BRG KIT HC445-0320$155.50Buy Now!
UC27 NDE BEARING KIT45-0868$118.25Buy Now!
P80 NDE BRG KIT45-0407$816.50Buy Now!
MANUAL VOLTAGE REGULATOR450-11400$1,086.50Buy Now!
D.E. BEARING CARTRIDGE HC7760-10552$788.50Buy Now!
D.E. BEARING KIT UC2245-0365$111.50Buy Now!
NDE BEARING KIT UC2245-0867$96.75Buy Now!
ANTI-VIBRATION MT SX460 AVR450-15923$0.75Buy Now!
FR8 DE BRG CART (6232) M/C800-10475$700.25Buy Now!
NDE BEARING KIT P0/P145-0866$96.75Buy Now!
NDE BEARING KIT FR845-0400$982.75Buy Now!
P80 DE BRG45-0408$804.00Buy Now!
SX460 UL AVR KITE000-24608/1P$435.00Buy Now!
HC6 BRG NDE45-0340$301.25Buy Now!
UC27 BEARING D.E. (051-01050)45-0367$118.75Buy Now!
UC27 DROOP KIT45-0092$262.75Buy Now!
* All prices subject to change.

Cummins Support Tech

Personalized Tech Support

Knowing which part you need isn’t always as easy as you might expect. That’s why Ward Leonard provides Authorized Tech Support to help you define exactly what you need to get your alternator back up and running. Much more than a distributor, we’re an Authorized Service & Repair Center that has handled hundreds of alternator projects over the years — and there isn’t a part we don’t know, can’t find, or can’t repair. Call 1-800-673-0531 to discuss your specific part — or any other maintenance and repair — needs.

STAMFORD Alternator Service Guide

Maximize the life of your STAMFORD alternator by following the recommended scheduled service and repair activities in this easy-to-understand guide. Activities include: Commission, Post Commission 250 hours/6 months, 1,000 hours/1 year service, 10,000 hours/2 year service and 30,000/5 year Service Kits for the following models:
  • P0/P1 Alternators
  • UC22/UC27 Alternators
  • HC4/HC5/HC6 Alternators
  • P7 Alternators
  • P80 Alternators
Stamford Alternator Service Guide Cover