Since 1892, we’ve used this combination of resources and capabilities to become the trusted source for the critical products and services our customers need to consistently achieve peak performance and efficiency — regardless of industry or application need.

Today, we have:

  • MIL-spec products on virtually every Navy vessel
  • Over 8,000 motor & control designs
  • Motor solutions up to 450 HP
  • Generator service capabilities up to 20 Megawatts
  • Completed over 25,000 motor, generator & pump service projects
  • Single-source motor & control solutions and systems integration capabilities
  • Critical in-house machining & fabrication expertise

Every day, we strive to be the best partner we can to our customers and provide them with recurring, tangible value they can rely on.

We are the only company of our kind that offers comprehensive motor, generator, pump, drive and control system solutions — including maintenance, repair and overhaul services to the Navy.

Problems Solved Anytime, Anywhere

Ward Leonard has decades of experience maintaining and repairing electric motors, generators, and pumps from a broad spectrum of the worlds most installed brands.

Core Values

Since 1892, Ward Leonard has worked hard to build a reputation as being a trusted name in powering the defense industry. This trust within the market is not possible without the continued hard work, commitment, and dedication of our team who respect the importance of what we do and the impact it has on the servicemen and women.

We embrace our core values in everything that we do, and continue to live up to the strictest standards from both within the company and the military. We are honored to continue to partner with, and serve, the military.


Work together to create an environment in which everyone feels supported and respected so we remain united in our goal of delivering world-class products and services.


Be adaptable to customer needs by swiftly making decisions, nimbly executing our services, and expertly managing our resources to maximize customer satisfaction.


Conduct business and manage relationships with employees, vendors, partners, and customers by placing personal and business ethics above all other things.

Over a Century of Innovation

Since its beginning in 1892, Ward Leonard has evolved to provide comprehensive motor, generator, pump, drive, and control system solutions — including maintenance, repair, and overhaul services — to the military, oil &gas, and industrial processing industries. Learn more >

News and Announcements

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Manufacturing Expertise

Breadth and depth are critical to providing our customers with the solutions they need. Ward Leonard’s facilities are outfitted to expertly manufacture and assemble all our motors and control systems. Learn More >