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Five Signs You’re Due for Electric Motor Services

The global AC electric motor sales in the oil & gas market is expected to reach USD 13.2 billion by 2023 – which comes as no surprise as the industry relies on them for efficient and competitive throughput. With these numbers in mind, understanding how to extend a motor’s lifespan can yield significant savings. More […]

Typical Causes of Industrial Motor Failure – What Are They, and How Can You Keep Them from Compromising Your Operation?

In any industrial setting, you can only work as hard and reliably as your technology does. Uptime is indispensable to successful operations and profitability, and that means all your systems and machinery need to be operating properly, full-time. Industrial electric motors, in particular, are essential to many industrial oil and gas operations, as well as […]

The 9-Point Checklist for Hiring the Right Motor & Generator Service Company

Originally published on on October 19, 2016. Choosing a company to be your motor and generator service firm isn’t something that people take lightly.  There are many things to consider.  Some may feel that the choice is price-driven while others are looking for quality above all.  And still others may be looking for something as […] Companies can’t afford to sit and wait for repairs, especially in today’s fluctuating O&G market

Originally published on, June 16, 2016 Oil’s up.  Oil’s down.  Oil’s up again. With today’s energy market fluctuations, it’s increasingly critical for companies within the industry to get a firm grasp and control of both their CAPEX and OPEX costs.  Much of that starts with hard-working field equipment. And just like a car that can’t go […]


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Five Signs You’re Due for Electric Motor

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