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Bakken.com: Companies can’t afford to sit and wait for repairs, especially in today’s fluctuating O&G market

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Originally published on bakken.com, June 16, 2016

Oil’s up.  Oil’s down.  Oil’s up again.

With today’s energy market fluctuations, it’s increasingly critical for companies within the industry to get a firm grasp and control of both their CAPEX and OPEX costs.  Much of that starts with hard-working field equipment.

And just like a car that can’t go 100,000 miles without service, field equipment like motors and generators require not only preventative maintenance, but ongoing service if breakdowns occur in the field.

The tendency in the past has been to “use it until it breaks,” and then have it fixed.  But the inherent downtime and costs associated with waiting for a field service company and the subsequent repair time costs money.  Lots of money in lost man-hours, lost production and lost profits.  It all cuts into your bottom line, and when the market is in a state of flux, bottom lines shouldn’t be.


Through comprehensive analysis and testing,
Ward Leonard service technicians use their decades of
experience to keep your equipment up and running
in even the most challenging environments.

Ward Leonard, a diversified industrial technology company with over a century of experience, is a premier full service motor and generator maintenance, repair and overhaul firm – and oilfield motor manufacturer – that provides these capabilities to rig sites worldwide from multiple locations.  Their ability to dispatch multiple passport-carrying technicians at any time to service customers enables them to critically impact and reduce downtime—many times from days to just hours.

Everyone knows that the better your equipment is maintained, the longer its lifespan will be.  This means less of a need for new equipment, reducing CAPEX, and virtually eliminating in-the-field repairs to damaged equipment, reducing OPEX.

Ward Leonard believes in taking a holistic approach to motors and generators.  Rather than just being a reactive transactional company, they look to the long-term, teaming up with their thousands of customers to be a single-source team member who can anticipate problems and offer proactive solutions before they occur.

There are many other ways that this business paradigm creates value for customers.  For example, they now have one vendor, one invoice and one lead person.  For project managers, accounting and other departments, this means fewer people involved from other companies, less paperwork and less headache.

Forward-thinking through comprehensive maintenance

Ward Leonard, with their depth of knowledge, provides a systematic and meaningful impact for their customers, all contributing to a healthier bottom line.

Forward-thinking companies in all segments of the oil and gas industry are redefining the key criteria to achieve their financial goals by getting more out of their equipment, and that’s where Ward Leonard shines.

Many service companies simply repair only electric motors or generators, and fewer repair both.  But in order for an E&P company to stay competitive, they need to do their homework and determine if their current service company only provides repairs—on a transactional basis—or has a system of dedicated programs and processes in place that fundamentally provide complete coverage for all their motor and/or generator needs, including

This variance between service companies has a dramatic impact on costs. Repairs can fix the symptom initially, but it’s the in-depth experience, capabilities and time-proven processes for addressing the need that end up being the time and money savers.


Ward Leonard technicians provide customers with
in-depth, cross industry experience gained from
working on more than 25,000 service and repair

According to Kevin Wiemann, General Manager for Ward Leonard, “Many times a customer will sense that a motor or generator needs a major repair job, and will call us in to fix it.  But instead of just doing the work like other shops, we analyze the equipment first, and then after the analysis and testing, many times we can tell them it doesn’t require the extensive work they may have thought. Then we can fix what it is actually wrong on a much smaller scale, and with a much smaller price.”

Some E&P companies prefer their single-source vendor to act almost as a stand-by service arm of their own company for specific equipment.  To answer that demand, Ward Leonard developed two unique programs that have become benchmarks for the industry in terms of maintenance, repair and service.

MotorCare™ and GeneratorCare™ are the industry’s only dedicated programs that provide customers with a wide-ranging suite of services such as 24/7 field service, maintenance, repair, component and load testing, motor manufacturing, sales, in addition to their predictive and preventive maintenance, asset protection and storage programs which are custom-tailored for every customer’s specific equipment and geographic requirements.

“Every customer’s needs are different,” said Chris Spafford, VP of Sales & Marketing for Ward Leonard.  “What we have found is that providing expert solutions throughout the lifecycle of the equipment and providing the care that it needs drives down total costs, both in the short and long term.”

Smart decisions through exceptional service

Companies are smarter today.  They have to be in order to succeed. They recognize there are more variables involved in making a final service decision, and more often than not, they choose Ward Leonard because of their in-depth, cross industry experience working on more than 25,000 service and repair projects.

All electric motors are not created equally. It’s paramount that the service company who partners with an E&P company have extensive experience with not only all of the major brands and their respective equipment—but also with the various applications that each motor is used for within the scope of the industry.

For example, repairs to a top drive motor for onshore applications will differ from offshore applications because of the dry or wet and salty environments, and the differing damage each of those conditions inflict on the equipment.

And sometimes, just doing a little research and testing on a product can change the way it is manufactured. That’s something you generally won’t find with most service companies.

In one representative Ward Leonard example, they were working with a company dealing with hundreds of generator recalls.  The Ward Leonard team identified vibration issues while testing units that were fairly new. After communicating these issues to the large OEM, they flew the Ward Leonard team to the European manufacturing plant to collaborate on balance testing procedures.  As a result, the OEM actually changed its balance procedure to the Ward Leonard procedure.

It’s just another example of how choosing a service company like Ward Leonard with a depth of knowledge, quick turnaround and holistic approach can change things for the better.

For more information about Ward Leonard products and services for the Oil & Gas industry, visit https://wardleonard.com/oil-gas/, or you can call 800-673-0531 or email your questions to support@wardleonard.com.

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