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Ward Leonard Introduces Industry’s Coolest Running 400 Horsepower Form Wound Drilling Motor for Top Drive Oilfield Applications

Ward Leonard

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400hp Form Wound Drilling Motor for Top Drive Oilfield Applications

Utilizing Proprietary Technologies to Increase Power Density by 50% Within the Same 400HP Motor Frame – Up To 600 Horsepower Can Be Achieved

THOMASTON, CT, April 30, 2015 ̢— Ward Leonard, a global industrial technology company that develops highly engineered, integrated motor, generator, control and MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul) solutions, announced the introduction of the industry’s coolest running 400 horsepower form wound motor, purpose-built for top drive oilfield drilling applications. The model number is WL12BB040.

The development and advanced engineering of the motor are the result of Ward Leonard’s close contact with industry drilling contractors and OEMs, and listening to their desire to move toward higher power density and cooler running motors.

“Ward Leonard’s 400 horsepower random wound motor (model WL250040) had already been certified as the industry’s coolest running motor,” said Chris Spafford, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Ward Leonard. “But with many competitive motors running too hot, and our customers preferring the form wound technology that is used in motors for mud pumps and draw-works applications, we saw the opportunity to not only solve an industry problem and satisfy our customers’ needs, but raise the performance bar for motors of this size.”

During development, the company also recognized that it could utilize a range of its proprietary technologies to increase the power density of the 400HP form wound motor without having to change the motor frame. The motor is designed to deliver up to 600 horsepower — a 50% increase within the same frame size.

“There are multiple technological advantages to using our new motor,” said Myron Moroz, Chief Engineer for Ward Leonard. “In addition to its advanced cooling technology, having two products that fit in the same package allows for greater design flexibility for our customers.”

Ward Leonard, known for its reliable, durable motors that are on over 600 rigs worldwide, is offering the WL12BB040 400 horsepower form wound motor with the following features:

  • Proprietary intra-slot cooling technologies
  • Fully optimized copper-to-steel ratios
  • Improved coil slot & bar geometries
  • Lower nominal RPM rate at the same horsepower levels
  • Systematic electrical stress testing pre-delivery

“Achieving higher productivity through technological efficiency is the goal of all our customers,” continued Mr. Spafford. “They look to us to continuously develop advanced solutions that allow them to achieve peak power performance every day.”


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