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First Place Businessmen’s Cub Scout Pinewood Derby Race For Ward Leonard

Ward Leonard

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THOMASTON, CT – Saturday, March 17, 2012, Cub Scout Pack 364 held its first Businessmen’s Pinewood Derby Race at St. Thomas Church, Thomaston, CT.   Ward Leonard Electric Company and 19 other local businesses participated in this event to help offset costs for Pack activities, including a camping trip aboard the honorable aircraft carrier U.S.S. Enterprise in Norfolk, VA.

The Ward Leonard Electric Company sponsored car took first place in the triple elimination format, with a Corvette-style car that measured approximately six inches long and two inches wide and was hand-painted in white with the company logo on the hood.  Ward Leonard’s team included: Supplier Quality Engineer Joe Dunn; Kevin Pruchnicki, Machine Shop; Jake Derwitsch (art work); Ben Garcia, Paint Shop and Sr. Manufacturing Engineer Larry Nodine to create the award- winning car.

Second and third place winners went to the Haase Family and the Lockwood Family. Other businesses competing in the race were Thomaston Oil, Industrial Riggers and Advanced Corporate Networks.

Pack leaders were grateful for the time, contributions and support given by Ward Leonard Electric Company and the other local businesses, to continue supporting young men in upholding the Cub Scout Motto of “DO YOUR BEST” and keeping to the Cub Scout Promise.


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