Diesel Generator Solutions

For over 125 years, Ward Leonard has been developing innovative power generation technologies that enable our customers to increase performance, productivity and uptime in the world’s most demanding environments.

Today, our generator sets combine quality, durability and unmatched support to provide a superior solution for prime and backup power generator needs in non-USA international markets.

  • Residential, commercial, industrial & military applications
  • 6-525 kVA (1500 RPM) / 7-583 kVA (1800 RPM)
  • Open & Silent, or Silent with Trolley Type enclosures
  • 2, 3, 4 & 6 cylinders
  • Electric & mechanical governors
  • 1500, 1800 & convertible RPM levels

Ward Leonard specializes in developing custom solutions for our customers that are purpose-built for high reliability and efficiency in areas where power usage is regulated and failure can have devastating repercussions. If you have any generator-related needs, our engineers and technical experts are on-demand to help.

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Ward Leonard Commercial and Industrial Generator Sets Brochure

Ward Leonard Commercial & Industrial Generator Sets

High Performance Diesel Gensets, Engines, Alternators & Controllers

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Built to Perform. Built to Last.

Diesel Generators

Diesel Generators

Quality, reliability, knowledge and support make Ward Leonard Generator Sets a superior solution for your backup and prime power generator needs. Ranging from 6-583 kVA (1500/1800 rpm) PRP rating, our products come equipped with an efficient combustion system that enables high power output with lower fuel consumption and noise.

Diesel Generators

WLIK Series – Diesel Engines for Gensets

The WLIK 2-, 3-, 4- and 6-Cylinder Series are highly efficient and durable diesel engines suitable for Gensets. These compact, quiet engines combine outstanding value and flexibility with excellent performance for long lasting reliability in harsh environments.

Auto Mains (Utility) Control Module

Auto Mains (Utility) Control Module

Ward Leonard Gensets utilize DeepSea DSE 6020 MKII Auto Mains (Utility) Failure Control Modules that provide a wide range of operating and monitoring features for single diesel and gas Gensets.

Overall Size Panel Cutout Size Max Panel Thickness Weight
216 x 158 x 43 mm 184 x 137 mm 8.0 mm 0.48 kg

Genset Alternators

WLP / WLS Genset Alternators

Ward Leonard Gensets are equipped with Stamford® alternators, available in five category sizes. Alternators include 2-, 4- and 6-pole options at low, medium and high voltages. Other alternators are made available upon request.

P0/P1 Range UC Range HC Range P7 Range P80 Range
7.5 – 42.5 kVA 40 – 250 kVA 250 – 1400 kVA 1260 – 2750 kVA 2000 – 5370 kVA

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Ward Leonard Commercial & Industrial Generator Sets
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