STAMFORD® AS540 Voltage Regulator AVR

STAMFORD® AS540 Voltage Regulator AVR

Product Group: STAMFORD® voltage regulators

Part/Model #: AS 540

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Product Information

STAMFORD® AS540 Voltage Regulator AVR

The STAMFORD® AS540 Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) allows you greater control, with features like: Voltage Control [VOLTS], Stability Control [STAB], Under-Frequency Roll-Off [UFRO] and Over-Excitation Control [EXC].

Power input voltage is 95-265V ac 1 phase and Frequency 50-60 Hz nominal. Power output voltage is 82V dc @ 200V ac input.

Identical Automatic Voltage Regulator as:
Stamford® VR A054P369

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Cummins Generator Technologies

Manufacturing Origin:
United Kingdom (UK)


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STAMFORD® Alternator Service Guide

Maximize the life of your STAMFORD® alternator by following the recommended scheduled service and repair activities in this easy-to-understand guide. Activities include: Commission, Post Commission 250 hours/6 months, 1,000 hours/1 year service, 10,000 hours/2 year service and 30,000/5 year Service Kits for the following models:

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