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Ward Leonard Introduces First Line of High Power Density Drilling Motors for Oilfield Applications

Ward Leonard

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Providing Up To 50% More Horsepower & Torque within the Same Standard Motor Frame Size

THOMASTON, CT, April 28, 2015 — Ward Leonard, a global industrial technology company that develops highly engineered, integrated motor, generator, control and MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul) solutions, announced the introduction of the industry’s only line of high power density AC induction motors purpose-built for top drives, mud pumps, drawworks and rotary tables.

The motors range from 450 horsepower to 2000 horsepower, and provide up to 50% more power and torque — depending on the motor — within the same motor frame size that is standard for each application. Vertical and horizontal mounting orientations are offered.

“For over 50 years, the industry has been adapting locomotive traction motors for oilfield use,” said Chris Spafford, Vice President of Sales & Marketing. “Since we entered this market, our customers have been asking us to use our technological expertise to take drilling motors to the next level — and enable them to ‘do more with less.’ These motors do that on multiple levels.”

Ward Leonard, known for its reliable, durable motors that are on over 600 rigs worldwide, offers its customers the ability to now:

  • Drill deeper, faster & more efficiently
  • Make longer horizontal runs
  • Increase pump pressure
  • Punch the drill string harder
  • Punch the drill string harder
  • Easily retrofit existing applications without changing equipment designs
  • Improve portability of assets from site to site
  • Reduce overall transportation & road weight fees
  • Lower total motor lifecycle costs

“This is truly a step change for the industry,” said Myron Moroz, Chief Engineer for Ward Leonard. “By providing a comprehensive line of motors that not only deliver more horsepower and torque, but are lighter and smaller than higher power-equivalent frame sizes, our customers are now able to confidently develop the innovative rig and application designs they envision to drive the industry into the future.”

By utilizing applied physics and state-of-the-art numerical analysis software and design tools, each motor now features:

  • Identical frame size and weight of standard, lower horsepower motors
  • Proprietary intra-slot cooling technologies
  • Fully optimized copper-to-steel ratios
  • Improved coil slot & bar geometries
  • Lower nominal RPM rate at the same horsepower levels
  • Systematic electrical stress testing pre-delivery

“Achieving higher productivity through technological efficiency is the goal of all our customers,” continued Mr. Spafford. “They look to us to continuously develop advanced solutions that allow them to achieve peak power performance every day.”

Power Density By The Numbers:

  • Standard 400HP frame sizes deliver up to 600HP
  • Standard 600HP frame sizes deliver up to 800HP
  • Standard 1150HP frame sizes deliver up to 1350HP
  • Standard 1500HP frame sizes deliver 1600HP, 1800HP and 2000HP


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