Hurricane Harvey-Resources

To All Ward Leonard Employees Affected By Hurricane Harvey:

First and foremost, we were all relieved and extremely happy that all of our employees and their families located in Houston, TX and the Gulf Coast are safe after the devastation from Hurricane Harvey.

Second, to help those affected and get them through this crisis, the Connecticut and Houma offices have shipped several large crates of food, clothing and other supplies, including pallets of water, that were donated by employees and business partners. More will be arriving the week of September 11th.

Third, we are all truly grateful for your outstanding efforts to help your families, friends and communities during the hurricane, and your continuing efforts as the region begins its long recovery process. We know that houses, cars and personal belongings were lost or damaged, people, including children, were evacuated from their homes and neighborhoods, and basic necessities are still scarce in some areas.

Therefore, as you move towards getting back on your feet, we have developed this page to provide you with a series of resources to use and share.

Good luck and let us know how else we can help!

Everyone at Ward Leonard