Industrial Processing Market Key Services

NEMA and IECE Frame Motors

Ward Leonard offers a comprehensive portfolio of low voltage, performance-driven motors from 1—2500HP, in multiple RPM and voltage levels, and corresponding frame types.
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Medium and High Voltage Motors

Ward Leonard offers a wide range of induction and synchronous motors for multiple applications within industrial processing, including compressors, boiler feed pumps, conveyor belts, fans, and other equipment that is essential to improving operational productivity and performance.
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Having storage space for critical spare motors and generators for your facility will allow you to reduce downtime when an unplanned outage occurs. Ward Leonard has climate controlled storage facilities that take regular maintenance needs into account. You can be confident your equipment will function properly when you need it the most, eliminating downtime and lost profits. Learn More >

AC Motor Drives

Our line of AC Motor Drives allow you to improve your energy consumption and efficiency of older motors. With our AC Motor Drives, you will be able to operate at unity power factor in addition to varying the speed of the motor to the requirements of the application through a closed loop control system.
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24/7 Field Services

Your motors and generators should be serviced by professionals certified in safety protocols and have the knowledge needed to accurately diagnose and fix the problem correctly the first time. Our field service technicians are certified and are available 24/7 to come to your facility anywhere in the world. Learn More >

Preventive Maintenance

Minimize your downtime with professional preventive maintenance programs. We will monitor and maintain your motors and generators on a routine basis, ensuring you will avoid equipment failure and costly downtime. Learn More >

Technical Expertise/Engineering

Troubleshooting problems at the system level can be difficult. With a broad range of technical expertise and product knowledge, ranging from motors and generators to motor controllers and VFDs, Ward Leonard’s applications engineering group is ready to assist our field service technicians trouble shoot a problem at the system and component levels.
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US Gulf Coast Facilities

Ward Leonard maintains multiple facilities in the U.S. Gulf region and has two warehouse locations. In each location, the flood from recent hurricanes did not impact our operations, and the locations did not flood. Our multiple locations allow us to maintain short lead times and each facility acts as a backup for the other in the case of an emergency, allowing us to continually serve our customers.
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