Ward Leonard Introduces the Industry’s First Comprehensive Motor Care & Service Program for Energy & Heavy Industry

og_motorcare2013 Offshore Technology Conference, Ward Leonard announced the launch of Ward Leonard MotorCare. MotorCare is the industry’s only 360-degree program that delivers a complete package of motor solutions and personalized services to drive down costs, maintain maximum uptime, and engineer efficiency from application design to scheduled replacement.

“With Ward Leonard MotorCare, we are formalizing the driving force behind our decades-long focus on full circle customer care, ” said Ward Leonard President Michael Clute. “MotorCare is an unprecedented collection of programs that provide our customers with significant competitive advantages in motor design, cost structure, service, and overall operation. Everything we do is designed to drive business growth and allow your company to run more efficiently.”

The advantages of Ward Leonard MotorCare include:

  • Direct access to senior management
  • Truly customized engineering
  • Lead times as short as 8 weeks
  • Market leading warranty
  • Timely repair services
  • Tailored maintenance programs
  • Reliable stocking & inventory management
  • Factory installation and hands-on training
  • Meticulous quality testing
  • International reach

To learn more about Ward Leonard MotorCare and our comprehensive line of motors and controls for oil and gas, visit booth #8201 in the Reliant Center Arena at OTC in Houston, Texas.

About Ward Leonard

Ward Leonard is a diversified industrial technology company that provides comprehensive electric motor, generator, control and service solutions to the world’s most demanding Heavy Industry, Oil & Gas and Military customers. We are recognized for our advanced technological capabilities, relentless focus on customer satisfaction, unmatched 24/7 maintenance and repair services, and our unique ability to overcome complex application challenges in the industry’s most demanding environments. We encourage you to learn more about our products and services, and to speak with a Ward Leonard engineer today.