Why Electric Frac?

Operators and service providers continue to be subjected to increased scrutiny by investors based on their Environmental, Social, and Governance factors (ESG Investing), making investment in conventional spreads increasingly less attractive to institutional investors. This scrutiny has caused an increasing number of service providers to switch from conventional diesel engines to electric motors.

Making the switch from conventional diesel engines to electric motors does not have to be difficult. Ward Leonard has the knowledge and experience to assist you, your chosen manufacturer, or electrical contractor/integrator through the entire e-frac process. We’ll provide technical assistance from the beginning of the process through commercialization to ensure a smooth transition and mitigate your financial and operational risk.

While electric frac (e-frac) spreads typically cost twice that of conventional diesel spreads, they operate at up to 100% utilization, achieving ROI significantly quicker than conventional spreads that often operate at <30% utilization.

Benefits of Electric Frac Include:

  • ESG Investing friendly making financing significantly easier than conventional frac spreads.
  • Operator fuel savings of ~$17 MM/year/e-frac spread resulting in a saving on diesel cost by 95%.
  • Using clean burning natural gas to generate the required power reduces emissions by 99% of Tier IV final diesels with no government compliance requirements as yet.
  • Utilization rates as high as 100% during all industry cycles providing consistent and predictable cash flow from operations.
  • Quicker ROI based on utilization rates 3X higher than conventional spreads.

The One-Stop Electric Frac Solution

Ward Leonard’s One-Stop Electric Frac Solution encompasses all major components – from your pump to your customer’s natural gas supply – making it less risky to adopt new and unfamiliar technology.

We design and manufacture purpose-built electric frac motors that are directly coupled to your frac pumps and ruggedized variable frequency drives (VFDs) to control the speed of electric motors that require no external transformers and are designed for 30+ years of trouble-free service when properly operated and maintained. Your electric spread will be powered by Ward Leonard with single or multiple natural gas turbine generators from reputable OEMs, including the required power distribution switchgear from our partner, Core Tech. We will ensure they all work together properly.

Ward Leonard AC motors let you do more with less by providing increased horsepower in a smaller footprint. These smaller motors are lighter and offer greater portability with significantly less maintenance and lower transportation costs. Additionally, these smaller, quieter electric motors allow you to gain access to areas where conventional fracking would not be granted.

Ward Leonard gives you one point of contact for everything we provide in conjunction with Core Tech, making your your transition into this technology as painless as possible. We’ll support your power generation needs through gas turbine fuel conditioning, auxiliaries specification, design, and production. Our electric plant system solution provides one-line layouts to tailored packages, integrating multiple power sources and controls, while our medium voltage switchgear package provides 13.8V, 4160V, 600V, and 480V switchgear integration.

We understand your business and the expectations of your customers. Don’t risk getting left behind while your e-frac competitors enjoy utilization rates as high as 100% with their electric spreads. Ward Leonard enables a seamless transition to an electric frac system with our one-stop solution, providing everything you need through one supplier, all with complete guidance throughout the process.

Hydraulic Fracturing Market Key Services

High Power Density Motors

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Variable Frequency Drives

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AC Motor Drives

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Electric Frac Motor Repair & Maintenance

Ward Leonard and Authorized Service centers conveniently located close to your field operations.
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24/7 Field Service

Ward Leonard Service always available.
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Custom Engineering

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