Motors – High Power Density

Pound for pound the most powerful AC induction motors for top drives, mud pumps, drawworks and rotary tables, in the world.

To compete and win in today’s unpredictable Oil & Gas market, rigs need to drill deeper, faster and more efficiently than ever before.

And to do that, they need to utilize the most advanced technologies available. With Ward Leonard’s comprehensive line of high power density motors, now they can.

  • Up to 50% more torque and 50% more horsepower
  • Up to 30% lighter weight
  • Drilling motors from 450-5000+ HP
  • Identical frame size and weight of standard, lower horsepower motors
  • Proprietary intra-slot cooling technologies
  • Lower nominal RPM rates at the same horsepower levels
  • ATEX, CSA, ABS and DNV certifications availability

If you want to grind more difficult geologies, achieve faster drill head spin rates, and complete wells faster, then contact us today.

Ward Leonard High Power Density Motors Brochure


High Power Density Motors.

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Key Benefits

Drill deeper, faster and more cost efficiently than ever before

Higher Performance…

  • Make longer horizontal runs
  • Thread larger diameter pipes
  • Increase mud flow capacity & mud pressure
  • Achieve faster drill head spin rates
  • Apply more power & torque to the drill string
  • Pull up the pipe faster from greater depths
  • Overcome intense friction & massive weight

…With Lower Costs

  • Complete wells faster and reduce total drilling days
  • Less motor burnouts due to enhanced cooling properties
  • Reduced maintenance, repairs and spares costs
  • Greater portability moving from site to site
  • Reduced transportation costs and road weight fees
  • More flexible skid arrangement
  • Easily retrofit existing applications

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