Severe Weather Solutions

When there is trouble in the field or below decks, even if it’s 3am, Friday rush hour or the last 5 minutes of a close Bowl game, Ward Leonard is on-call to immediately come to your facility and handle any motor, generator, pump and control problem.

We know failures or catastrophic events can happen at any time, and our tireless team of passport-crying On-Site Field Service technicians is highly trained and experienced in all types of work at upstream, midstream and downstream facilities-weather it’s onshore or off.

24/7 Field Service Solutions

24/7 Field Service Solutions Sell Sheet

Problems solved anytime, anywhere. Globally.

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One-call 24/7 Anytime, Anywhere Field Services
No matter what the weather, we’re here for you. We are the only company that employs multiple dedicated, passport-carrying teams of certified technicians with motor, generator, pump and controls expertise on the Gulf Coast. From removal and decommissioning, alignments, vibration analyses and thermal imaging, to bearing & coupling changes, field balancing and more.

Storm Preparation Programs
Severe weather is a “when”, not an “if”. Every facility should have a plan to prepare for the worst case scenario, and how to reduce downtime to its essential motors, generators, pumps and controls. Ward Leonard’s Storm Preparation programs combine strategic planning, predictive and preventive maintenance, asset storage and maintenance, and on-call field services that are customized to specific facility or organizational needs.

Storm Damage Assessment & Repair Programs
Ward Leonard’s expert team of certified field service technicians conduct a thorough assessment of all associated electrical systems—from switchgear, starters and controls, to SCR, engine shutdown and sync systems, breakers and more. Depending on your need, we either immediately repair on-site or develop an accelerated, detailed program for repairing (or replacing) all affected motor, generator, pump and/or control equipment.

Free Inventory Assessments
Depending on your collective needs, Ward Leonard can provide a free motor, generator, pump, control and associated equipment inventory assessment for one or more of your locations. The purpose of the assessment is to gather relevant information to create a baseline for critical future planning and program development.

Asset Storage & Management Programs
To ensure you are ready for any catastrophic event or failure, Ward Leonard provides state-of-the-art, off-site and customer on-site climate controlled storage facilities for all of your spare motor, generator, pump, control and related equipment. To maximize efficiency, we offer VMI, short lead time, safety, consignment, and spare parts management programs.

State-of-the-Art Dry-out Kits
Before starting an electric motor or generator that has been shut down before, during or after a storm, the unit should have the insulation resistance to ground verified (megg readings). Ward Leonard provides a proprietary dry out kit that is packaged in a Pelican case and small enough to be carried on an airplane.

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