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Technology drives Ward Leonard, and for over 120 years, we’ve used it to provide custom product and service solutions that enable our customers to consistently achieve peak performance and efficiency.

Ever since we introduced our first high-reliability drilling motor we have continually pushed the boundaries to help rig operators, OEMs and system integrators produce faster and more effectively than ever before.

From providing motors and drives for virtually every upstream, midstream and downstream application, to being the only company that offers full service motor, generator and pump maintenance and repair capabilities — we’re increasing productivity, reducing downtime and driving cost efficiencies every day.

We Thrive on Complex Challenges

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Ward Leonard has decades of experience maintaining and repairing electric motors, generators, and pumps from a broad spectrum of the world’s most installed brands.

We utilize leading edge technologies to service your equipment to the best condition it can become, and, as an Authorized Service Center for dozens of manufacturers, specialize in windings, rewinds, reconditioning, alignments, balancing and custom predictive and preventive maintenance programs that can add years of life to your equipment.

Service & Repair Solutions

  • Removal, installation & commissioning
  • Predictive maintenance testing
  • Thermal imaging
  • Bearing & coupling changes
  • Alignments
  • Vibration analysis
  • Field balancing
  • Storm damage assessment
  • Load testing in place

24/7 Field Service Includes

A Lean Manufacturing

Nothing is more important

Nothing is more important than the quality of our work

Providing high quality products and services backed by our dedicated Quality Control department is a crucial differentiator for Ward Leonard, and has made the difference in many of our customers selecting us as a Tier One partner. All of our products undergo rigorous testing, and are certified by both Military and industrial bodies in a broad range of categories. If you need to meet specific certifications, let us know and our engineers will design your product to achieve your standards.