Ward Leonard Introduces Powerful VFD Rated Electric Motor for Frac Pumps

Higher Horsepower & Easier to Maintain than Diesel Engines

Electrical Fracking

THOMASTON, CT, April 10, 2014 ̢— Ward Leonard CT LLC today announced their new line of VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) rated AC induction electric motors designed to power pumps at frac spreads as a diesel engine replacement. These rugged, reliable 2000 – 6000HP electric motors offer continuous duty operation and are designed for use with a medium-voltage VFD. The results are improved overall efficiency in a smaller footprint as compared to diesel engines and other electrical motor options. Ward Leonard is currently working with a company pioneering the development of an electric frac spread, and a number of other companies that are pursuing the transition from diesel engines to electric motors.

“The regulatory and operational burden associated with running diesel engines is substantial, and as a result, Ward Leonard is seeing significant interest from operators and service providers in using electric power at their fracturing sites,” said Ward Leonard President Michael Clute. “We believe this is an opportunity for our company to take the lead in an emerging technology that is poised for tremendous growth.”

“As a company, we pride ourselves on being innovators when it comes to engineering solutions for customer and market applications,” said Chris Spafford, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Ward Leonard. “Providing effective power for pumps in an electric frac site is a great example of our unique design engineering capability, which is helping to mold the specification for the fracking industry. These products are designed to optimize frac pump performance, and set the standard for purpose-built frac pump motors.”

There are multiple benefits to using electric motors over conventional diesel engines:

  • Electric motors are direct coupled to the fracking pump, versus the need for a diesel engine transmission
  • No need to oversize electric motors, as there are no mechanical losses in the coupling with the pump
  • Rated torque is delivered from 0 RPM through rated RPM, & can be shut down immediately
  • Electric motors are externally cooled, so no shutdown is required between duty cycles
  • AC electric motors are virtually maintenance free

All products are backed by Ward Leonard MotorCare, the industry’s only dedicated lifecycle management program that helps drive down costs, and keep operations running at peak efficiency and capacity.

About Ward Leonard

Ward Leonard is a diversified industrial technology company that provides comprehensive electric motor, generator, control and service solutions to the world’s most demanding Heavy Industry, Oil & Gas and Military customers. We are recognized for our advanced technological capabilities, relentless focus on customer satisfaction, unmatched 24/7 maintenance and repair services, and our unique ability to overcome complex application challenges in the industry’s most demanding environments. We encourage you to learn more about our products and services, and to speak with a Ward Leonard engineer today.