Ward Leonard has been partnering with the Military for more than 120 continuous years, and our mission-critical products have been installed on virtually every surface and subsurface vessel in the U.S. Navy.

Ward Leonard controllers are built to serve in dedicated high-shock, high vibration, high-abuse environments and last for decades. We are uncompromising on quality control and assurance, so we manufacture each of the individual components on all our controls. We build them to our specs and test them to meet the DoD’s most stringent specs.

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Custom Engineered Solutions

Have an idea or complex challenge that requires creative thinking and innovative engineering? Ward Leonard specializes in developing custom engineered product, service and integrated systems solutions for our customers that are purpose-built for high reliability and efficiency in mission-critical Military applications.

Rarely do we work with customers that want off-the-shelf products or services, and as a nimble, agile company, we’re perfectly suited to handle custom projects. Whether it’s a re-engineered water-cooled motor, complex control system or new overload relay, we will work side-by-side with you to meet your exact requirements.