600 HP

The Ward Leonard WL13BC060 inverter-rated AC induction motor delivers up to 600 HP in a standard 400 HP frame. This motor is manufactured for high reliability and optimal use in top drives, rotary tables and drawworks applications.

Constructed with nodular cast iron, the WL13BC060 is designed to withstand high shock and vibration conditions, and provide decades of continuous service. With Certified Class H insulation and 2-cycle global VPI, our 600 HP motor is suited for any climate or hostile operating environment.

Key Performance Ratings
600 HP
40 Hz
Rated Speed
1185.1 RPM
Max. Mechanical Speed
1773.9 RPM
2661 ft-lbf
Key Features
  • Drop in replacement for Tesco EXI
  • Designed for harsh operating environments on-shore and off-shore
  • Two Bearings with optional types selection (Ball, Roller, 4-Point Contact)
  • AISI 4140/4340 Shaft Material; standard
  • Optimized Forced Air Cooling
  • Form-Wound Class H 2-Cycle VPI; standard
  • Winding Integrity verified using 4-Hour Energized Water Submergence Test; standard
  • Designed and validated for intermittent overload capabilities
  • Designed for use with virtually any variable frequency drive
  • Winding Insulation designed for minimum 20k hours
  • Bearings designed for minimum 25k hours (with proper lubrication)
  • Frameless with cast iron end-bells and components
  • IECEx, ATEX, & CSA Independent third-party certification for hazardous locations


  • Anti-Condensation HeatersStator RTD’s (2/ph standard)


  • Blower
  • Pressure Switch
  • Lock-Out Switches
  • Junction Boxes
  • Bearing RTD’s