1150 HP

The Ward Leonard WL20B115 vertically mounted inverter-rated AC induction 1150 HP form wound motor is manufactured for high reliability and durability, as well as optimal use in onshore and offshore top drive applications.

The durable WL20B115 is designed to withstand high shock and vibration conditions and provide decades of continuous service. With Certified Class H insulation and a maximum temperature rise of 105°C, our 1150 HP motor is suited for any climate or hostile operating environment.

Need to optimize this motor to fit specific application requirements? No problem. Our only goal is to deliver a motor that will be the most efficient and effective solution for your needs. Just Contact Us today to speak with an engineer about your specs… or your “wish list.”

Key Performance Ratings
1150 HP (858 kW)
Full Load Current
1120 A
Rated Speed
795 RPM
Max. Mechanical Speed
2300 RPM
7600 lbf-ft (10,300 N-m)
5200 lb (2360 kg)
Key Features
  • Drop-in replacement for TDS-11SA motors
  • Form Wound Construction
  • Ward Leonard’s proprietary Class H sealed insulation system
  • Double VPI process
  • Can be configured for Drillers or Off-Drillers Side
  • Shaft seals and oil ingress protection
  • Heaters included
  • 6 platinum 100-ohm RTDs, 2 per phase embedded in stator
  • Certified to CSA, ATEX and IECEX
  • Top or side mount “clean air” blower
  • TDS-11SA pinion
  • Brake components
  • Junction Box
  • Pressure Switch
  • Heat exchanger
  • Encoder