1600 HP

The Ward Leonard WL29BC160 is a horizontally mounted inverter-rated AC induction 1600 HP form wound motor manufactured for high reliability and optimal use in onshore / offshore pump and drawworks applications.

The durable and versatile WL29BC160 features right / left blower and junction box positions, and is designed to withstand high shock or vibration conditions. With Certified Class H insulation and a maximum temperature rise of 105°C, our 1600 HP motor is suited for any climate or hostile operating environment — and decades of continuous service.

Key Performance Ratings
1600HP (1195 kW)
Full Load Current
1590 A
Rated Speed
887 RPM
Max. Mechanical Speed
3000 RPM
9500 lbf-ft (12,880 N-m)
7500 lb (3400 kg)
Key Features
  • 6-pole stator with form wound windings
  • Certified Class H insulation
  • Extra tough pitch copper rotor bars
  • 2-cycle global VPI
  • Double shaft extension (tapered, splined or keyed)
  • Designed for Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) operation
  • Right or left blower & junction box positions
  • 4340 alloy shafts available
  • IP 44 motor enclosure
  • Shaft seals & oil slingers on the drive & non-drive sides
  • Six (6) 100Ω platinum RTDs; 2/phase embedded in stator
  • ISO 9001:2008-certified
  • Designed to be a drop-in replacement for an GE motor model GEB28 or GEB29
  • Blower
  • Hub
  • Lock Out Switch
  • Pressure Switch
  • Encoder