5000 HP

Designed for hydraulic fracturing, the WL45ME500 provides a higher horsepower motor in a smaller footprint, with greater portability, transmission elimination, and virtually maintenance-free upkeep.

Key Performance Ratings
5000 HP
40 Hz
Rated Speed
Max. Mechanical Speed
1585.7 RPM
42066 ft-lbf
Key Features
  • Designed for Fracking
  • Two Bearings with optional types selection (Ball, Roller, 4-Point Contact)
  • AISI 4140/4340 Shaft Material; standard
  • Optimized Forced Air Cooling
  • Form-Wound Class H 2-Cycle VPI; standard
  • Winding Integrity verified using 4-Hour Energized Water Submergence Test; standard
  • Designed and validated for intermittent overload capabilities
  • Designed for use with virtually any variable frequency drive
  • Winding Insulation designed for minimum 20k hours
  • Bearings designed for minimum 25k hours (with proper lubrication)
  • Cast iron frame and components
  • Blower
  • Pressure Switch
  • Lock-Out Switches
  • Anti-Condensation Heaters
  • Junction Boxes
  • Stator RTD’s (2/ph standard)
  • Bearing RTD’s