Feb 1, 2011 Ward Leonard is pleased to announce that it has achieved recertification of its sealed insulation system for random wound AC motors in frame sizes from 30 to 680 from the Department of the US Navy.  This certification remains valid through 2016.

The rugged VPI (Vacuum Pressure Impregnation) process that is used for random wound AC motors designed for rugged environments is defined by MIL STD 2037.  This process provides a fully taped, waterproof, sealed insulation system that allows motors to be operated in the harshest conditions.  In fact, our motors are tested after 24 hours of submersion in fresh water to assure that they will continue to operate in the most adverse conditions.

A requirement all motors built to MIL STD 17060 for the US Navy, this process is also applied to motors designed and built for rugged industrial applications such as those for oil & gas drilling rigs and mining applications.

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