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  • Ward Leonard-Submarine Motor Solutions download
  • Ward Leonard-Surface Vessel Motor Solutions download
  • Ward Leonard-MDR Rotary Relay Specification download
  • Ward Leonard-Thermal Overload Relays-Series N154 download
  • Ward Leonard-AC Relays-Type IC5182 download
  • Ward Leonard-Integrated Systems Approach to Induction Motor Selection and Design download
  • Ward Leonard-AC Magnetic Starters download
  • Ward Leonard-Manual Starters-Type IC5900 download
  • Ward Leonard-Pushbuttons, Indicating Light, and Rotary Switch Stations-Series 4975 download
  • Ward Leonard-Limit Switches-Series 4976 download
  • Ward Leonard-Master Switches-Type IC5847 download
  • Ward Leonard-Panel-Mounted Selector Switches-Type IC5846 download
  • Ward Leonard-Case Study: Department of Defense-Reimagining Motors for Subsurface Propulsion Systems download
  • Ward Leonard-Case Study: Department of Defense-Solutions for the T-AKE Heavy UNREP System download
  • Ward Leonard-TechnicalNote12‐01-Random‐wound vs. Form‐wound Stator Coils download
  • Ward Leonard-Control Circuit Transformers-Series 106.531 download
  • Ward Leonard-Fuse Blocks-Type IC5898 download
  • Ward Leonard-Comprehensive Motor and Control Solutions for Surface, Subsurface and Land-based Applications download
  • Ward Leonard-Lenses LC 38 thru 45 download
  • Ward Leonard-N302 Electronic Overload Relay download
  • Ward Leonard-DoD Quick Reference Guide download
  • Ward Leonard-Power Terminal Boards-Type IC5885 download
  • Ward Leonard-Switch Boxes-Sound Powered Telephone-Types A-17A and A-19A download
  • Ward Leonard-Technical Note 13‐01 Calculation Method‐Withstand Voltage in AC Induction Motors download
  • Ward Leonard-Highlights of Ward Leonard’s Seventy-five Years of Progress download
  • Ward Leonard-Automatic Bus Transfers download
  • Ward Leonard-AC Contactors download
  • Ward Leonard-Indicator Light Holder-LH 97 download
  • Ward Leonard-Indicator Light-LH 95 download
  • Ward Leonard-Indicator Light-LH 96 download
  • Ward Leonard-Indicator Light-LH 94 download
  • Ward Leonard-Indicator Light-LH 98 download
  • Ward Leonard Mil-Spec Motors: Optimal Power to Drive Winches download
  • Ward Leonard – Magnetic Overload Relays download
  • Ward Leonard – Reset Relays download
  • Ward Leonard-Technical Note13‐01 Calculation Method ‐Withstand Voltage in AC Induction Motors download
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  • Ward Leonard-Reimagining Motors for Subsurface Propulsion Systems download
  • Ward Leonard-Solutions for the T-AKE Heavy UNREP System download

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