Advanced VPI Services

State-of-the-art technologies & trained technicians ensure high performance insulation solutions

This class H insulation provides:

  • Excellent bridging & gap filling
  • High thixotropic index for excellent penetration & retention
  • Improved long term electrical performance
  • Superior bond strength
  • UL system recognition up to 200℃ (392℉)

Furthermore, our VPI epoxy combined with Mica Insulation will offer:

  • High resistance to oil & moisture
  • High mechanical strength
  • High dielectric strength with low dielectric losses
  • High thermal conductivity for superior heat transfer
  • Ability to withstand starting & short circuit stresses along with voltage surges & thermal cycling
VPI Oven

Atmospheric Pressure Dip

For circumstances not requiring VPI, we use conventional dip processes with our two 10-foot Atmospheric Pressure Dip tanks. For the array of different applications encountered, we have one atmospheric tank filled with Von Rolls BC 346 Polyester Resin and the other filled with VonRolls 74043 Epoxy Resin.

Burn Out & Bake Ovens

A very large part of having your equipment returned to you properly finished and on time is the quality of, and available space in, a repair shop’s Burn Out Ovens and Bake Ovens.

Ward Leonard offers the following:

  • Two large, exactly calibrated & powerful Burn Out Ovens for accurate pre-repair estimate testing to ensure a clean slate to begin repairs
    • 12’x14’x10’ & 17’x10’x10’
  • Accurate calibration & available space in our pre-assembly Bake Ovens
    • Four different sizes: 8’x12’x16’, 12’x7’x7’, 12’x10’x10’, & 12’x12’x12’
  • Adequate oven space crucial to your equipment being returned to you on schedule
  • Exact temperature and timing capabilities that guarantee proper curing of the insulation applied