Service & Repair Excellence
Is What Drives Equipment Reliability

It’s no secret: the impact of motor and generator downtime on a plant’s operations can be measured in the millions of dollars.

As a result, hundreds of Industrial, Oil & Gas and Military customers trust Ward Leonard to ensure the reliability and continuous duty of their motor and generator equipment because we:

  • Service the world’s most installed motor and generator brands
  • Utilize state-of-the-art technologies for all rewinding, load testing, balancing, alignment, VPI and other critical projects
  • Are an Authorized Service & Repair Center for leading global OEM brands
  • Repair to the industry’s highest standards
  • Service & repair all equipment to factory-level condition
  • Provide custom Predictive & Preventative Maintenance (PM) programs

Meeting Critical Standards & Certifications


Reliability In Action – Find Out How We Do It

Authorized By The World’s Leading OEMs

After 25,000+ service projects, Ward Leonard is proud to be the designated Authorized Service & Repair Center for many of the world’s most installed industrial motor and generator brands.

To achieve this select designation, we are required to consistently prove an exceptional ability to diagnose, repair, test, service and maintain their equipment to original factory-level standards—and then repeatedly deliver to, or above, customer expectations.

As an Authorized Service & Repair partner, we are one of the few companies with:

  • Access to all engineering drawings and reports
  • Direct communication and visibility to key OEM engineers
  • Visibility to all equipment updates and technological data
  • Recurring continuous education and training

Our State-of-the-Art Technologies
Deliver Benchmark Quality

Ward Leonard recognizes that the better the equipment we use, the better we are able to satisfy our customers critical reliability needs. Therefore, we invest heavily in state-of-the-art technologies and processes to deliver on our promise. These include:

  • Load testing for generators and motors
  • Imprex VPI system
  • Atmospheric pressure dip tank
  • American Hoffmann, IRD and Dyna Bal balancers
  • DC driven Dynos
  • Regeneration Dynos for full load AC motor testing
  • Doosan CNC milling machine
  • 200 ton horizontal presses
  • Ludeca Rotalign Ultra laser alignment machines
  • Ludeca Vibexpert ll field vibration analyzers
  • 50-ton crane capacity



Selecting The Right
Service Partner

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