Many shops “do” rewind services. They follow a basic, repeatable processes no matter what the brand or manufacturer is.

With thousands of motor and generator rewinds completed, Ward Leonard is a rewind specialist that has direct relationships with many of the world’s most installed manufacturers that provide us with their exact factory winding data — including Cummins, Kato Engineering, Marathon, Mecc Alte, Hyundai Ideal, Baldor-Reliance, VEM, Marelli Motori, Leroy Somer and WEG.

Quality drives reliability, and Ward Leonard’s highly experienced and trained staff:

  • Has completed thousands of motor and generator rewinds
  • Utilizes advanced technologies, engineering, materials and procedures
  • Operates in a clean, climate controlled environment
  • Delivers finished products that can improve on the original design and performance

As a long-standing EASA (Electrical Apparatus Service Association) member we have to maintain the highest levels of capability. It’s what our customers demand, and it’s what we demand of ourselves.

State-of-the-art Capabilities Include:

  • Fully equipped 40 x 60 filtered-air, clean winding rooms
  • Rewinds on stators from 240 VAC to 13,800 VAC, rotating fields, exciters, DC armatures & wound rotors
  • Duplicate windings in motors and generators when winding diagrams are no longer available
  • Engineering of voltage changes, horsepower changes & speed changes
  • Design engineering improvements such as lower volts per turn to reduce the potential of turn to turn shorts