Suppliers From 39 States Supported USS Roosevelt’s Midlife Overhaul

After nearly four years and more than 20 million man-hours expended during its midpoint refueling and complex overhaul (RCOH), the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71) has returned to the U.S. Navy fleet for another 25 years. After Roosevelt’s RCOH, it is the most modern and technologically advanced Nimitz-class carrier in the fleet, capable of supporting both current and future warfare doctrine.

More than 686 companies from 39 states provided parts and services for this critical four-year process. Those companies included Nuflo, Inc., in Jacksonville, Fla., which has provided parts for aircraft carriers since 1970. NuFlo President John Licausi said, “It is extremely gratifying for our men and women to see their hard work on display as the USS Roosevelt is set for another 25 years of patrolling the seas.”

Many suppliers expressed great pride in having been part of the RCOH process, which a RAND National Research Institute study referred to as “maybe the most challenging engineering and industrial task undertaken anywhere by an organization.”

Michael Clute, president of Ward Leonard in Thomaston, Conn., said, “Ward Leonard is proud to be part of the overhaul, refurbishment and upgrade of the USS Roosevelt so she can continue her mission for the next quarter of a century. We never forget the important impact of our work and are honored to be a vital part of our nation’s defense supply chain.”

Overhauling Roosevelt was made possible by the dynamic, talented and robust supplier base providing shipbuilders with the materials, parts and services needed to successfully execute the RCOH in a tight time frame.

Nick Angelini, vice president and general manager of DRS Marlo Coil in High Ridge, MO, said, “Every part that we sent to Newport News Shipbuilding for USS Roosevelt’s RCOH carried with it the patriotic and professional pride of our skilled workforce and community knowing that it will support the Roosevelt to project power and defend our nation for another 25 years.”

The extensive and complex modernization work relied on a nationwide network of skilled suppliers as far away as Washington State.

“With our facility 3,000 miles away, we take pride in knowing that Tri-Way Industries, our employees and our community are part of the engineering feat that keeps the U.S. Navy’s fleet strong and ready,” said Ken D. Smith, president and owner of Tri-Way Industries, Inc.

All Nimitz-class carriers must go through an RCOH near the midpoint of their 50-year life cycle. During this nearly four-year process, the two nuclear reactors that power the carrier are refueled. Most of the ship’s services, systems, components and infrastructure are repaired or replaced, upgraded and modernized. This process produces a recapitalized carrier capable of supporting current and future warfare doctrine and continuing to operate as the centerpiece of our Navy fleet and as a vital part of our national defense for another 25 years.

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