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Ward Leonard Receives Two Patents For Advanced AC Induction and DC Motor Cooling Technologies

Ward Leonard

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Technologies Increase Motor Life and Integrity By Reducing Material Degradation

THOMASTON, CT, April 9, 2018 ― Ward Leonard, a diversified industrial technology company providing comprehensive electric motor, generator, control and service solutions to Heavy Industry, Oil & Gas and Military customers worldwide, is pleased to announce it has received two (2) patents for its AC Induction and DC motor cooling technology solutions.

The technologies, comprising 54 total claims and receiving patent numbers US 2016/0372982 A1 and US 2016/0372985 A1, are the result of solving a critical customer requirement for powering a 5000 horsepower dual pump system (two 2500HP pumps) for its new hydraulic fracturing rig system.

The customer’s goal was to reduce the total weight of its equipment package without reducing the capabilities of its rig system. This weight reduction would significantly impact the number of equipment trailers the customer required for each frac spread, and the overall costs associated with equipment transportation—especially highway fees to and from the frac spreads.

Instead of manufacturing a standard configuration of two (2) 2500HP AC Induction motors to power the pumps, Ward Leonard’s engineering team developed a single, compact and lighter weight 5000HP AC Induction motor that utilized applied physics and state-of-the-art numerical analytics to fundamentally increase the rate of heat extraction—and thereby increase the cooling necessary to generate the required horsepower and torque . This invention yielded the following benefits relative to industry-standard electric motor solutions:

• Reduced size and weight
• Higher power density
• Higher torque and horsepower capabilities
• Increased motor integrity and therefore, service life

Said Myron Moroz, Vice President Engineering, “The customer’s requirement challenged our engineers to take their expertise to new levels, as this type of project had been attempted by other companies before, but never been successfully achieved. Moving forward, we will continue to utilize these same patented technologies and techniques to take our other motor products to the next level.”

Added Chris Spafford, Vice President Sales, “This is a testament to our advanced electrical and mechanical engineering capabilities, as well as our willingness to tackle one-off, custom projects to solve critical customer needs. It truly is a differentiator in the market, and as a result, has been adopted by our increasing customer base.”

Subsequent to the development of the 5000 HP motor, Ward Leonard implemented the new patented technologies into its full line of Oil & Gas drilling motors, With the increased heat extraction creating higher power density levels, Ward Leonard’s motors are able to achieve up to 50% increases in torque and horsepower, unmatched by any other AC Induction motor manufacturer worldwide.

Inventors include Dan Cook, Alexander Gimmel, Paul Matthews, Eric Sailor, Alex Bridgemohan and Myron Moroz.


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