West Texas Drilling Motor Inventory

West Texas Drilling Motor Inventory.
No Waiting.

You Told Us What You Wanted.  We Listened.

For decades, you’ve had to wait for Houston to ship you motors. Sometimes for more than a week, and always at a premium cost. Today, I’m pleased to announce the waiting is over.

As of May 2017, Ward Leonard has created a new program in West Texas to continuously stock an extensive range of motors for all your top drive, mud pump, drawworks and rotary table applications. No more extended downtime. No more long transportation times. No more high “hot shot” travel costs.

Please contact me directly for more information or to make an order.

Cody-Jean Young
Cody-Jean young
US Sales Manager
24/7 Cell: 281-928-8002

Motors for All
Critical Rig Applications

24 / 7 / 365

Same Day Delivery

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