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What to Look for in an Industrial Motor Storage Facility

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When you’re in the market for a motor storage facility, the ability to meet your bottom line is one of the biggest selling points. But hitting that target doesn’t just mean attractive pricing. Improper motor storage results in seriously reduced reliability, even failure of your equipment, increasing downtime and leading to significant expense. When electric motors don’t experience regular use and are exposed to suboptimal atmospheric conditions, they’re far more likely to develop moisture, rust, or other corrosion that leads to future failure. Likewise, facilities that lack the ability to provide added repair and maintenance services when needed could mean added downtime to your operations. Before you sign any contracts, ask your potential facility the following questions first:

Is it climate controlled, clean & vibration-free?

A climate-controlled, clean, dry, and vibration-free facility is paramount to protecting your assets. Motors, generators, pumps, and their associated parts can be rendered inoperable if exposed to moisture, contaminants, or vermin. The same is true in the facility’s shop. If there is a motor repair shop on the premises, it needs to meet the same standards, as do the materials and supplies within them. Motor storage facilities require ventilated air as well as temperature and humidity controls, with recommended average temperatures ranging from 40-140° F (5-60° C) and controlled humidity ranges of less than 50% to less than 75%. Likewise, the recommended maximum vibration level is not to exceed 0.15 IPS (3.8 mm/s) or 0.8 mils (0.02 mm).

Will our equipment be maintained and/or repaired?

Motors, generators, and pumps require regular maintenance while in storage, particularly if it’s long term.  A facility with a qualified motor repair shop that can handle both industrial electric motor repair as well as industrial pump services isn’t a nice-to-have. It’s a must. You need expert maintenance and repair service across the board—service that can handle high horsepower AC and DC electric motors, generators, controls, and pumps, as well as any associated equipment.

That means a facility that offers scheduled shaft rotation and bearing maintenance, as well as periodic meggering. Bearing requirements vary widely—from no maintenance to monthly maintenance to servicing every six months. And if your equipment remains in storage longer than two years, then removing the bearings and coating them with rust inhibitor will likely be required. Likewise, the insulation resistance quality of electric motors can degrade with time. Periodic meggering helps verify its current condition and informs the tech if further maintenance is needed. Depending on the motor, you may want meggering as often as monthly while in storage—if so, be sure the motor repair shop on premises can accommodate this kind of schedule.

Does it specialize in my industry?

For maximum efficiency, your storage facility should understand and react to the unique industrial electric motor repair and storage you might require, as well as the ebb and flow within your specific market and how current events can affect them. It’s an often-overlooked factor that can make all the difference—when your storage facility knows your industry, they can anticipate your needs in real time, and provide motor and industrial pump services, as well as other maintenance needed, to make sure pumps, generators and motors are ready for use when you need them.

It is conveniently located?

Location is key. If you need to get to your equipment, how easily can it be reached from your site? Storage facilities strategically located near major industrial hubs, ports, and airports are a smart choice, allowing you to deliver and retrieve your assets quickly and easily.

Is there 24/7 availability?

When the tides turn and you need to make an emergency replacement, minutes can mean millions. When you’re vetting prospects, make sure they’re aware and available 24/7 for immediate and emergency delivery to keep your downtime as limited as possible.

Are there additional asset management services available should we need them?

Many facilities offer additional services outside of motor storage. Whether you’re scaling up, scaling down, or just streamlining your vendor process, these add-ons could prove valuable dollars and hours saved. That might mean offering safety stock, spare parts, equipment consignment, or managing your inventory overall. Whatever services you may need, make sure your storage facility has the scope and ability to provide you with them.


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